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Extroverted Introvertism

Blogger. n. Someone with nothing to say writing for someone with nothing to do.

30 July
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Chapter 1. I am born. I was lucky enough to have John F. Kennedy as President of these United States when I entered the world in 1962. It went all downhill after that (for him - not me). Born and raised in the fine city of Pittsburgh, PA, I was occassionally sent to my room as a child. I grew up loving three things, including the Pittsburgh Pirates and cute girls. I still love one of the two - and it ain't guys with bats and rich owners. Damn greedy bastards. Fortunately I also loved the Pittsburgh Steelers and, well, they seem to have done a little better. Plus the NFL hasn't had to cancel a SuperBowl over greed. Three weeks after graduating from high school I moved to Wyoming. Yes indeed.

Chapter 2. I go to college. And go. And go. Yeah - lots of majors and start to finish eight years to get my undergraduate degree in Statistics and Economics from the University of Wyoming. Meet lots of cute girls however including my future wife. Freak my Jewish grandmother out by dating said future wife who goes by the name of Kevin. Um-hum. Start work for UW Sports Information Office in 1984 and work my way to Assistant Director by 1990. Marry Kevin in 1988. Get tired of long Wyoming winters and move to Illinois.

Chapter 3. Illinois. Was going to be temporary and I'm still here 16 years later. Got two master's degrees from Bradley University and work for Caterpillar as computer geek (okay - mostly geek). Would rather go take pictures for a living. Easier on the soul. That leads to...

Chapter 4. Blogging. The ultimate step in life.